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Tantallon Tales

Storm Gordon

1 Season

Tantallon Tales is an audio drama series about Shane Tadger, and his life in the little town of Tantallon, "the centre of the known Universe" in the minds of its inhabitants. For Shane, life is often confusing, and he is only sure about one thing - that electric cars are the future for road travel. Everything else is in doubt, especially with his family: a cousin turns out to be his sibling, his dead mother turns out to be alive. Meanwhile the new mayor, Grayson Grainger, is determined to bring the world and its money to Tantallon by whatever means necessary. But Sheriff Dolores Fairfax Macclewham, is determined to uphold the law at all times, except when she’s breaking it herself. Deputy Sheriff Jumbo Tadger, Shane's good-natured brother, tries to keep her on track and inside the law. In the middle of all this, Shane thinks that he might possibly want to win the heart of Grizelda Munchhauzen. That is, if he can find it. Stay tuned for new episodes.