Undercover Engagement

1 Season

Alyssa Eastman has the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect fiancé, Carter Jones. Carter didn’t mean to fall in love with Alyssa. His career as a spy doesn’t allow for close relationships. But there’s no denying how he feels. When a romantic evening is broken up by a gunman and a high-speed car chase, Carter’s past blows up their future together. Unsure what’s real, who’s the bad guy, and if she can ever get her life back on track, Alyssa agrees to help Carter—even if it means taking down her mentor and boss. They’ll break into the office, avoid hitmen, and survive a high-speed car chase, only to be caught in a trap and face the one thing neither of them can accept: failure. Alyssa isn’t about to admit defeat, but in order to survive, she’ll have to trust the man who broke her heart. Carter wants Alyssa back, but he’s done pretending. Will they fall in love all over again, or will this be the end? Now Streaming! Only on Dramafy!